Last Stop – Part 2

Posted: October 30, 2016 in Book I Terror in Texas

Randy set two bags filled with boxes of medications and bottles pills on the counter and added.  “If you’re not too tired, old man, you could carry this to the front of the store.”

“Fuck you.”  John snarled.  “Be sure to pick up laxatives, you’re a real shit head.”

John noticed a stack of plastic totes at the side of the aisle and opened the lid.  It was filled with of variety of “over the counter” medications.  He sat down the bags and turned to add several boxes and bottles to the container. When he had cleared the shelf, he moved down the aisle to add cough syrups, and pain relievers. He pulled the bags behind him as he added bandages, tapes, and Band-Aids.  When the tote was full, he balanced the bags on top and pulled it to the door.

He opened the door pushed the spoils through the opening.  He let the door close and took the bags to the back of the truck and tossed them into the back.  He returned to pick up the tote and carried it to the truck and hefted it into the bed.

John hurried back inside and used the left aisle to return back to the pharmacy.  Randy and Miguel had stacked two more bags on the counter.  John called out.  “I’m cleaning out shampoos and soaps and disinfectants.”

He found two more totes at the side of display cases.  One of the containers was empty while the other was filled with half a dozen bands of shampoos and personal care products.  He again cleared the shelves then gave it a shove toward the front of the store.  He took the second tote to a section of shelving that displayed cleaning products, dish soap, laundry soap, and alcohol. With still room in the tote he added half a dozen packages of cloth baby diapers.

Just as Miguel hurried down the aisle toward him, John snapped the lid closed and turned to carry the container toward the first still sitting several feet from the door. Suddenly shots rang out from outside.

“Got trouble! Gotta go NOW!” Pablo yelled.

“Fuck!” Randy came up behind John.  “Move it old man!”

Randy stepped around John, transferring the bag from his right hand to his left.  His left shoulder sagged under the weight of both bags but he kept moving as he raced around Miguel and charged through the door. He aimed and fired at two infected approaching from behind the front of the truck.

Miguel imitated Randy’s actions and charged through the door leaving John to either drop the totes or hope he could load the totes while the other two men took care of the threat.

“Gotta go!” Randy yelled as he tossed his bags into the back of the truck.

Miguel tossed one of the bags into the bed and turned to fire twice.  The first shot went wild but the second shot took out a man dressed in a tattered, blood spattered sports shirt.  He tossed the second bag over the side into the truck bed.

Carrying both totes, John shuffled to the side of the truck dropped both containers with a grunt.  He grabbed the top container and hefted the tote with the bottles of liquids into the bed. John glanced over his shoulder and realized a swarm of infected was spilling from the school.

“Load up, Pablo. Move out!”  Randy ordered. “Harry move out! NOW!”

Both vehicles began to move.

He pulled open the driver’s door of the truck and pushed Miguel. Toward it.  “Get in and slide over.”  He turned back to John. “Forget it! Get in back old man and hang on!”

John tossed the tote into the bed and stepped on the bumper get in the back when Randy cranked the engine.  And infected rounded the bed of the truck and grabbed at John’s leg.

Randy slammed the truck into gear and accelerated sending John sprawling across the pile of plastic bags.  John’s leg jerked free of the infected as he went down.

John rolled over and slammed his hand against the window.  He rolled off the bags and pulled his revolver free from its holster.  He pulled himself into a sitting position and aimed at an infected woman in a pair of shorts and the remains of a halter top.

The infected woman’s bare middle had been torn and ripped open.  Loops of intestines dangled around her knees. Her face was twisted into an angry snarl while her teeth snapped and her arms reached over the side of the truck.

John fired.  His first shot skimmed the side of her face taking her left eye and a narrow patch of hair.  His second shot caught her in the middle of the face. Three more shots took out the closest threat and the pickup sped away leaving the rambling herd began losing interest.

John shifted a tote to a place behind the cab and settled down to reload his revolver.

Two miles from Dell, Pablo and Harry slowed and moved to the side of the road to let Randy catch up.  When Randy pulled up alongside the camper, Harry called out. “Everyone okay?  Harry?”

Randy laughed as he hiked a thumb over his should toward John.  “That’s a pretty useless old man.”

After rooting around in one of the totes, John vaulted from the back of the truck.  “Fuck you, asshole.” He stomped to the back of the camper to find Liz standing at the door.

She pulled him inside and into a tight hug.  “God, I thought I was going to lose you.”

John shrugged free and scowled at the dog.  “This place smells like dog shit.” He tossed a bottle of shampoo to Cody. “Do something about that mutt; if you’re gonna keep him, kid.”

Everyone laughed as Randy pulled out and Harry guided the camper back on the highway.

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