Halloween story hop


by C. A. Hoaks


The team was a study in political correctness. Debbie and Sandy were white, one blonde and the other brunette.  Both girls had the advantages of an upper class upbringing, braces, salon cut hair and designer clothes. DeeDee was a Nubian daughter with long straightened locks and a sharp tongue no one wanted to be on the receiving end of. Lin, the quiet little Asian girl, was the team flyer and the one the other girls tossed around like a rage doll during routines. Out of the group, curvaceous Maria got the most attention since every move exuded raw sexuality despite the coach’s best efforts to drill it out of her.

The girls worked well together when they twirled and danced in front of the bleachers, perfectly synchronized. The coach tapped time on a clipboard with the end of her pencil as they chanted the final cheer. Debbie glanced over her shoulder to confirm her teammates were in sync with her crisp choreographed movements. They kicked, pranced and twisted, ending the routine with glittering pompoms held high and cheesy smiles plastered across their faces.

“Good job girls.”  Coach Jackson slid the pencil behind her ear. “Debbie, it’s time to come in. There’s been some strange things happening around the military base. Lots of emergency sirens and police cars out there.” She picked up a bottle of water and added. “It’s after five, so the automatic lock is engaged. You’ll have to press the buzzer so I can let you in the building to leave.”

Debbie answered with a careless wave.  “We’ll run through just one more time, okay?”

“Fine. I’ll be in my office.”  Coach Jackson disappeared through the door.

Three young men with sagging pants, ball caps cocked to the side and red bandanas wrapped around their left wrists stood at the hurricane fencing watching from outside the athletic building.

T-Man was eighteen with the face and physique of a jock, but the perpetual snarl of a bully. He kept a hand at the crotch of his oversized pants to keep them from falling off his butt. He jammed his elbow into the ribs of one of his companions.

“What ya’ think, Gordo?” He smirked.

The eighteen-year old Hispanic youth puffed out his hairless chest and answered. “I’d tap that.”

“Like you’d ever get a chance.” A thick-bodied black youth snorted.

“Fuck you, Trevon.” Gordo answered.

T-Man snickered as he watched the pair. After a full minute of listening, he stuck two fingers in his mouth and blew a shrill piercing screech that made even the girls stop their practice.

“Shut the fuck up!” T-Man ordered.

All five girls turned and glared at the trio. Debbie walked to a nearby bench and retrieved a bottle of water. “Rejected.” She remarked.

Gordo licked his lips. “You and me, puta. I got it here for ya’ baby.” He crooned.

“Get lost!” Debbie glared back.

“Hey, I’ll give you a drink,” T-Man called out as he clutched his crotch.

“Go advertise your asses somewhere else!” DeeDee snapped. She raised a sports drink bottle to her lips, drank deeply then continuing. “Wait, all three of you have your underwear hanging out. Do you do each other or just advertise for other criminal types?”

All five girls laughed.  Maria hooted and hollered. Sandy scrunched up her face and held up her middle finger.

When the laughter faded, DeeDee added. “My uncle says jail birds wear their pants like that when they want to get butt-fucked.”  The girls roared with laughter again. “You boys need some anal action?”

“DeeDee, you are too funny,” Debbie chortled.

“Losers!” Sandy called out. “We don’t have time for your sorry asses. Move along.”

“Yeah, move along, losers.” Echoed Lin and Maria.

“Shut up, bitches!” T-Man scowled and turned to the pair with him. “We’ll teach ‘em a lesson they won’t forget.” He turned and strode toward the front of the athletic building.

“What about the coach?”  Asked Gordo.

“She won’t be a problem.” He pulled a knife from his pocket and led the pair into the front door of the athletics building.

Trevon pulled a small black revolver from his jacket. “I’m with you man. No one disses my main man.” He chuckled wickedly as they stepped into the building.

A dark ugly smell drifted across the football field just as the girls gathered towels and drinks. Having dispatched the hecklers, they were ready to call it a day.

Suddenly Debbie stumbled and coughed. She clutched at her throat and fell to her knees, gagging. DeeDee covered her mouth, but couldn’t stem the bile and remains of lunch from exploding from her lips. She gagged and wretched then collapsed to the ground as well. Sandy coughed and retched, while both Lin and Maria fell to their knees clutching at their heads and vomiting.  In less than a minute, all five girls lay on the grass, their bowels releasing and clothes soaked in urine.

T-Man and his companions stepped through a second set of glass doors and into the building. The trio hurried toward the girl’s locker room and field access. They saw the door to the coach’s office at the end of the hall stood open. They could hear the sounds of someone singing along with “Fearless”. The off-key warble covered any noises they made. From time to time the trio could see the coach rock back in the office chair then lean toward the computer screen again.

When they walked past a sporting equipment room, Gordo reached in and grabbed a metal bat.

T-Man leaned toward Gordo and ordered. “Take out the coach.”

Gordo’s eyes widened. “Me?” He whispered.

T-Man leaned close and hissed. “Yes, you. We gonna get some payback on those bitches and I don’t want any interruptions. You chicken?”

Gordo looked to Trevor. The black thug was tipping a white vile over the top of his hand. When he looked up from snorting the coke, he had a maniacal grin on his face. “What?”

“Move it!” T-Man ordered.

“Pussy!” Trevon chortled.

He grabbed the bat from Gordo and rushed down the hall with the bat raised high.  Without hesitating, he shot through the coach’s door and brought the bat down. At the last second, the coach turned and raised her arm to fend off the blow. Bone shattered but failed to thwart the attack. The aluminum bat landed on the top of her head with a solid thud. She crumpled to the floor. Trevon swung again and again.

“Enough ass-hole!” T-Man ordered. “Come on.” He led the two to the practice field access door.

T-Man slammed the door open. “Let’s go.” He stepped outside into the night and a swirling gray fog. “Let’s do this.”

As the trio walked away, the door slammed when Gordo released it. they hustled toward where they had seen the girls. A moment later Gordo saw the girls lying on the grass.

“Yo! Over here. They’re all passed out.” He laughed with perverse delight.

Trevon and T-Man joined Gordo studying the prone girls.  “Easy pickings, even if it does smell like shit.”

T-Man grabbed DeeDee and threw her across the cooler on the bench face down. He reached under her short skirt, his fingers digging at the waist of her tights. “White horse knocked ‘em out, I guess.” He laughed menacingly.

“H ‘ill do that.” Gordo grabbed Lin by the hair and sat her up against the end of the bench.  He could feel a hint of resistance. “This ‘un is wakin’ up.”

He slapped Lin’s faced. “Alright, bitch. You know what to do and it better be good.” He pushed the front of his pants down and pulled himself out to wave in front of Lin’s face. She opened her mouth and he leaned closer. She snapped her jaws shut and began to chew.

Gordo jumped back with a howl of pain. He stumbled and tripped over Sandy’s legs then fell to the ground clutching at his bloodied crotch, screaming.

T-Man turned to see Lin crawl on top of Gordo as if an anxious lover. She leaned her face into his and came away with a mouth full of flesh from his cheek. Gordo screamed while he struggled to push her away. Lin clung to him and dipped her head in to attack again.

T-Man and Trevor stood mesmerized by the scene. DeeDee pushed herself from the cooler and rose to her feet.

Just as the true horror of Gordo’s plight sunk in, DeeDee reached out to place a hand on Trevor’s shoulder. “Fuck!” He screamed as he jerked free.

He stepped back staring at DeeDee’s gnashing teeth. Her clouded eyes focused on Trevor. He released his pants and held up the small black gun with shaking hands.

“Bring it on, bitch!” Trevor snarled as he fired twice.  Both bullets hit center mass. Dee-Dee barely flinched at the impact despite the bloom of red mid-chest. She grabbed at Trevor again.

Debbie, Sandy and Maria started moving arms and legs to get to their feet. T-Man turned and ran.

Trevor grabbed at DeeDee’s wrists and called over his shoulder. “You fuckin’ pussy! Get over here and help me!”

T-Man disappeared into the evening fog.

Trevor pushed away from DeeDee and turned to run. His pants spilled to the ground around his ankles. Caught mid-stride, he face-planted on the artificial turf.

DeeDee lunged. Trevor’s screams pierced the night when she pressed her face into the back of his neck and pulled back amid a spray of blood. Debbie, Sandy and Maria joined in on feasting.

A few minutes later, the only the sound was T-Man pounding on the field house door. The cheerleaders rose and followed the sound.


The End

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  1. Tim Hemlin says:

    Nice twist! Zombie cheerleaders, how ironic . . . or is it?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jenny S Burke says:

    An unexpected ending. Very Halloweeny!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. leecreatingbad says:

    Very cool story – I’m a sucker for some good old fashioned zombie action and this one delivered!

    Liked by 1 person

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