About the author….

At a very young age, I fell in love with the written word.  My first experience with real novels was in the form of Readers Digest Condensed books.  I read cover to cover Louis L’Amour, Vina Delmar, and dozens of other well-know authors of the 50s and 60s.

Over time, I found dollar novels and half-priced book stores.  My favorite displays at Borders and B&N were the discount racks.  I built a substantial library of sci-fi, romance, mystery, and horror, from Nora Roberts to Stephen King.  Reading continues to be one of my greatest joys.

A story is built around “what-if” and the fact has fascinated me for years.  So much so I began imagining myself being the one answering the question in a tale of my own.

My current project “Torn Apart” has evolved out of the “what-ifs” in today’s world.  Scientists are manipulating viruses in an effort to control and redefine the natural world.  I imagine this could result in a disease that is more horrendous and deadly than any ever imagined?  Even Ebola.

I presently release “Fatal Shot”, Book 1 in the Nation Betrayed Series. This is not the Zombie fare of the “Torn Apart Series” but tells the tale of a corrupt government that forces medical treatments on the populaces resulting in a massive die-off, enabling the invasion by a rogue nation. Will there be anyone to fight to save the country and the young children left behind? “Fatal Shot” tells the story….

I am the parent of a disabled son who was born with the transposition of the great vessels, one of the most complicated of heart defects. He has had multiple heart surgeries and procedures. There have been times we have struggled and spent weeks in the hospital. During those times, my computer and latest quilting project were always a mainstay. In 2015 my son’s health declined to the point he was on oxygen and struggled with the smallest of activities. In 2019, he went to Texas Children’s Adult Congenital Heart Defect Group and they performed a 10-hour catheterization that turned things around and we’re back to living a normal life again. No oxygen and no pacemaker (he had that since 12). Now I’m back to writing and my son is gardening. 

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