The Beginning

At a very young age I fell in love with the written word.  My first experience with real novels was in the form of Readers Digest Condensed books.  I read cover to cover Louis L’Amour, Vina Delmar and dozens of other well know authors of the 50s and 60s.

Over time, I found dollar novels and half priced book stores.  My favorite displays at Borders and B&N were the discount racks.  I built a substantial library of scifi, romance, mystery, and horror, from Nora Roberts to Stephen King.  Reading continues to be one of my greatest joy.

A story is built around “what-if” and the fact has fascinated me for years.  So much so I began imagining myself being the one answering the question in a tale of my own.


My current project “Torn Apart” has evolved out of the “what-ifs” in today’s world.  Scientist are manipulating viruses in an efforts to control and redefine the natural world.  I imagine this could result in a disease that is more horrendous and deadly than any ever imagined?  Even Ebola.

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