TBR List

This year these are the top books on my list to read (I could expand it, but there just is not enough time.)

Decaying Humanity by James Barton.  This is a different kind of Zombie story.

Unhappy Endings by Chris Philbrook.  I read a lot of Zombie books and love this author’s Adrian’s Undead Diaries so I’m sure I will love new perspectives of Adrian Ring’s world.

Collapse: Book 1 of The Yellow Flag Series by TK Carter.  I read a lot of dark apocalyptic stories but this is a new slant since it revolves around the pending collapse of the US federal government viewed through three ‘regular’ Americans perspective.

Long Road to Survival by Lee Bradford.  After container ships carrying black-market nuclear bombs are detonated in American port cities, millions are killed and the country is thrown into panic.

The Defiant: Grid Down Kindle Edition by John W. Vance.  If the power went out, could you survive?? For years a few have warned that a day of reckoning was coming, if it did, could you raise your own food, kill and process meat so you wouldn’t starve?  Some of us know those things…most not.


  1. I’ve never really heard of these books but they all sound fantastic. Best of luck with the readathon and happy reading!


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