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Summer Update


It’s the middle of August already. Time flies. I did take time this summer to visit family in Indiana. My oldest son lives in Indianapolis so we spent a week there then went on to “corn” country in northwest Indiana to visit my two sisters and their families. It was fun seeing them and some of their kids and grandkids. Children seem to grow so fast now days. My youngest grandson is now starting kindergarten. Such a short time ago, he was just a little guy. hmmm.

Michael got to check out the Indy track and see the museum.  In addition to visiting with family, I had a chance to visit with a childhood friend and actually drive past my childhood home. It looks the same but different….

We’re gardening this summer. Some of our planting has been a bust but we’ve gotten a bang up crop of okra and a few green beans and lush carrot tops. So far, what’s below the ground is not so much to write home about. lol. 

I’ve been working on Book 6 of the Torn Apart Series. Decided on bringing in a few new characters…Can you imagine being disabled in a Zombie apocalypse? What if you and your buddie’s were all disabled? I guess you’d learn to adapt. Or NOT.

When not working on that I have a new book series started. I started it about three years ago when my son got sick but it was a struggle getting time to work on. Now I’m looking for a couple beta readers. then it will be on to an editor. I already have the cover artist in mind. She’s good for a quick turn around. I love working with her…


  1. Daniel F Von Hoene says:

    Dear C. A. Hoaks,
    Hi I’m Daniel F Von Hoene from Facebook. Just want to say I got blocked for 30 days because I called a Democrat a traitor. Facebook is making NEW Community Standards as we get closer to 2020, IN MY OPINION of course. I can give more details if you get this. Meanwhile I can read your stories.


  2. Tim Hemlin says:

    Nice twist! Zombie cheerleaders, how ironic . . . or is it?

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  3. Jenny S Burke says:

    An unexpected ending. Very Halloweeny!

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  4. leecreatingbad says:

    Very cool story – I’m a sucker for some good old fashioned zombie action and this one delivered!

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