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“Ladies and gentlemen it seems our numbers keep growing as you see.” He nodded at Maggie and Doc and the new group brought in with them. “As of now, we still only have fifteen soldiers responsible for security and scavenging. The majority of our civilians are either untrained or under the age of eighteen. As the demand increase for more and more goods, we’re finding ourselves stretched pretty thin. That said, I’m concerned we’re not doing as good a job in the area of security as we should be. That said we’ve come up with a plan. We’re going to be training every member of this camp to be better prepared to defend themselves. After the retrieval of firearms recently those with experience, will be expected to carry a firearm at all time once they are cleared by an instructor. Everyone else, thirteen and older, will be required to begin firearm training. Training with knives or spears will continue as before with six years and older.”

One of the women from Doc’s group stepped forward. “I have a concealed carry license.”

“Good. Anyone else?” Matt felt a smile crease his face when six more hands raised. “Alright. Glad to hear it. Anyone else?”

Three teens raised their hands. “I don’t have a CHL, but I can shoot. I’ve shot an automatic pistol and an AR-15,” commented one of Larry’s teenagers.

“Same here,” added a second boy with a grin.

The third to respond was a tall, thin girl of about sixteen with blonde hair and a tentative smile. “I can shoot almost anything. My dad had a gun range.” She blushed as she stepped back.

Matt gave the group a hint of a smile. “Alright. All of the shooters report to Jake. Anyone not skilled will be scheduled in one of two classes.” He pointed to Larry’s spear carriers. “More of the spears need to be made, and everyone will be trained with knives. Classes are mandatory, so check with Larry about scheduling. No one gets to opt-out. Everyone will be assigned to protecting the camp or responsible for watching kids. We’ll be passing out machetes to those without guns.” He looked at the group then added. “Your lives depend on being able to defend yourselves. Also, we’re going to set up a couple fallback for the kids. We brought in a storage container that we’ll bury and add venting with a fan of some kind. We’ll store emergency supplies and extra bedding inside.”

Maggie stepped forward. “It sounds like you’re planning on an attack.” She pulled her daughter close.

“No one knows we’re here and we’re trying to keep it that way,” Matt answered. “We have a good setup with the generator and campers, but if the wrong people stumble across this place, we’ll have trouble. I’d rather be prepared and not need it, then need it and not be prepared.”

Jasper Novak stepped up and raised his hand. “Ladies, I understand your concern but if we err let us err on the side of caution. These soldiers have been doing all they can to protect us, but I agree, it is time for us to step up and stop being dependents and be partners in our survival. I will be signing up for the class to use all three weapons.”

Joan, the camp cook, stepped out of the food truck and held out her hand to Jake for the clipboard. “Young man, I can do more than sling hash around here. Never know when I might need to shoot a snake.”

The crowd burst into laughter. The tension and trepidation disappeared as women walked to Larry and Jake to sign up for classes. Occasional chuckles and debate of timing resulted in class schedules without compromising the care for the children or helping with cooking and laundry.

Matt watched the residents step forward to begin to take control of their lives and walked to the shade of the Rec-Center to lean against the wall. He folded his arms across his chest, and a hint of a smile crossed his face.

“Pretty proud of yourself,” Tate whispered.

“They’ll get there,” Matt answered. “We should have started looking for weapons from day one.”

“Between food runs, dragging campers in here for people to live in, and saving people?” Tate answered. “You’re a bit hard on your men. I’m sure they brought in weapons when they ran across them.”

Matt scowled. “I’ve got two kids that I need to get to their family. But here I am. I owe it to their father, but it seems I’ve done for everyone else, but them.”

“Then do something about it,” Tate answered.