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“We don’t have infected with us. We got some people that could use some doctoring. There’s only about forty of us left after we ran into trouble about a hundred miles south of here.”

“Sorry to hear that. Give me a few minutes to talk it over with folks over here, and we’ll see what we can do to help you.”

He turned to Randy. “Do you know someone from Eagle Pass?”

Randy shrugged. “Not me. Pablo had family from a native tribe south of the border. Maybe they knew folks from Eagle Pass.”

“That’s a stretch.” Will scowled.

“Well, what are we going to do with this bunch?” Randy said. “We could use the help.”

“They say they’re all clean with no bites, but I’m not willing to let that many people in the compound without knowing a lot more about them.”

Will approached to the gulch and called out. “The person that might vouch for Y’all is not here right now, and I’m not willing to let you over here without getting to know you a little better. If you’re agreeable, you can camp in that grove of trees to the east. We’ll come with medical supplies and fresh water. Everyone has to be examined for bites. No discussion on that point.”

Ben gave a thumbs up then struggled to raise his injured arm and cupped his hands together in front of his mouth. He placed his lips against his thumbs and blew. The pitch of the whistle changed with the rise of his fingers.

After some noticeable hustle and bustle, the vehicles headed for the designated camp site. Ben called out. “We’ll be settled in an hour. Come by then, and we’ll have a drink.”

Will waved. “I’ll bring our doctor and a couple folks to clear your people for bites.” After a brief consultation with Randy, Will turned and climbed back into his truck. Two more trucks fired up leaving only four guards at the drawbridge.

When Will got to the lodge, Liz and Cassie waited at the door.

“Well?” Liz asked as she replaced the binoculars on the small table near the window. “Who are they? Do they have kids? Soldiers?”

“I talked to an Indian by the name of Ben Nascha. At least some of them are from Eagle Pass. Kids, I have no idea. Soldiers, don’t think so but only saw Ben close enough to tell.”

“Why did you leave the bridge up? When are they coming inside?”

“They’ll be staying outside until I know who they are. You and Cassie get some medical supplies together. Put enough of that cured venison for about forty people. Add some flour and canned good. Whatever you think they can use for a meal or two.” Will spoke to Randy. “Fill half a dozen five-gallon plastic water bottles. Seal ‘em up, so they stay clean.”

“I’m going with Cassie,” Liz announced.

Will started to protest but thought better of it. “Fine. Randy, when you go, take an extra man with you and pick up two of the guards for backup when you go into the camp.”

Thirty minutes later, Randy loaded up his pickup with the designated supplies, Cassie, Liz, and Harry.

“Well, Lizzy, you’re looking a lot better lately,” Harry commented.

“It’s a miracle what a few nights of sleep without listening to you and John snoring will do for a person.” Liz laughed. “How are the kids doing?”

“Doing good. The kids have settled in at the cabin pretty well. We got everything we need since we got that last bunch of clothes.” He laughed. “Little Mexican girl gave her a couple of those hair clips thingies. She doesn’t look like an orphan anymore. Cody is still quiet. I don’t think he’s ever going to be the life of the party.”

“Losing their parents has to be hard on both of them. I’ll stop by tomorrow. Maybe Trace would like to work with me in the garden for a change.”

“Sounds good.” Harry

When they got to the bridge, one of the guards turned the large wheel and lowered the cattle guard.

Randy rolled down the window and motioned two of the men into the truck bed. “Raise the bridge after we’re over it. Unless I ask about your daughter feeling better, don’t lower the bridge.” The man nodded.

“What was that all about?” Cassie asked.

“Insurance.” He answered.