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Charlotte Hoaks spent the last twenty years working as a Technical Writer for some of the largest companies in Houston, Texas.  Now retired, she is devoting her time and energy to a new kind of writing.   Being creative in a variety of ways has always been a part of her life.

She spent two years studying art at Glassell Contemporary Art School.  She is an accomplished artist in a variety of mediums including Krylon, pastels, oil, acrylic and fabric.  She can stitch up a traditional quilt in no time… Charlotte creates new and interesting art through original paintings and image manipulation.

A lifelong love of the written word has provided a solid foundation for her fiction writing.   She’s been involved in local writer’s groups for over 30 years and published a number of on-line articles, editorials and special interest newsletter.  As a founding member of the Houston Writer’s League, she organized and coordinated their first national writer’s conference.

Now, with the time to devote her efforts to creative writing, she is working on a full-length novel, the first in a series.

  1. barbara white says:

    I have real all three excellent books, and am chomping at the bit to see what happens next. lol. when is book 4 coming out? please say soon.


  2. Chris says:

    Hi _ just wondering if you have anticipated release dates for Books 2 and 3? I’ve been following (aka stalking lol) your webpage and reading the story and I’m so excited and looking forward to buying them on Amazon once they become available.

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  3. Dave says:

    I just started reading Terror in Texas and it’s fantastic!!! Action right from the start with relatable characters!!! Thank you for sharing your stories!!!

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  4. Chris says:

    Hi!, loved the first book – checked you out online and found this site which is great! I’ve read through book 2 so far is excellent – I noted several typos but didn’t record where just thought I’d let you know. Any idea when you’re going to release book 2 as an e-book on Amazon? I’d like to buy it so I have a matched set in my online library 👍 I noticed that you’ve read a few books in the genre – if you haven’t already – you should check out John Ringo’s series, John Campbell’s, Michael Stephen Fuchs (he’s co-writer with another author who I hope will forgive me but I simply cannot recall his name at the moment) – these are all absolutely wonderful; well written and professionally put together, definitely a must read for anyone who likes the zombie apocalypse genre.

    Once again, love your series and can’t wait for more – you’ve done an absolutely fantastic job on it!

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    • C. A. Hoaks says:

      Thank you so much for the kind words…the online version is basically a first draft. Glad you’re enjoying my efforts. I have had a couple folks reading the 2nd book and will be focusing on editing it soon in preparation of getting it out there and available. I’m also working on the 3rd book so I have a pretty full plate right now. I will definitely check out the authors you suggested.

      If it’s not too much to ask, I’d appreciate it if you shared your thought about “Terror In Texas” on Amazon. Reviews make a big difference in Amazon support for Indie authors. Thanks you again for the words of encouragement. You made my day….lol.


    • Chris says:

      Hi _ my review on Amazon is as below:

      Well, here’s another brand new indie author that absolutely blew me away. Her novel has it all, suspense, terror, heartbreak…..a mother and her children separated, a husband and wife searching with hope the other survived. A retired marine and his friends willing to sacrifice it all for a mother cruelly separated from her children….will they survive? Read as they fight towards salvation, read as they learn that the biggest threat may not be the the walking dead but the other survivors with evil intent….will they succeed in surviving without sacrificing their humanity….? This author has created a beautiful, masterfully written novel that will force you to stay awake long past the hour when you should’ve retired for the evening. For a look at Book 2 check out her website of the same name C.A. Hoaks.

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  5. Kathy Cilley says:

    Will this come out as an ebook? Would prefer to read it that way. 🙂


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