Planning – Part 1

Posted: January 27, 2018 in 31 Planning - Part 1, Book 1 TERROR IN TEXAS

The five soldiers sat around the kitchen table for over an hour. Lists were made, inventories consulted and options discussed, some dismissed while others added to the list. Eventually, the items on the list were prioritized and scheduled for implementation.

“There’s a small front-end loader in the barn. We can dig out the hill and slide in a small shipping container near the playground. If we cover it with soil and plants, it’ll be warm, but the kids can survive for a couple days. We can put in a couple vent pipes with a wind vane for ventilation and a composting toilet behind a curtain. If we store water and MREs, the kids could hide up to forty-eight hours. I can make it easy to open and secure from the inside.” Jenkins commented.

“If we get everyone trained, we’ll have thirty-plus adults protecting the camp,” Larry added. “Then we can start thinking about sending the girls to their grandfather.”

Matt, with his elbows on the table and clutching a cup of coffee, moved his head from left to right and sighed impatiently. “It’s over four hundred miles. Even if we could make it to Guadalupe National Park, we’d have to find the place.” Matt lamented. “All I have is a road number and name of the site.”

Jake answered. “It’s a chance to get them to their family. Hate to see you break your word, man.”

“How in the hell can I leave? It takes all of us working full time to keep this camp going.” Matt snapped.

“Can you live with not?” Jake answered. “Besides, we’re going to be training everyone.”

Matt scowled. “Getting them there would be at the expense of the camp?”

“Not necessarily if we ensure everyone could help defend the camp, you could take off a couple days to go to Guadalupe National Park.” Larry grinned. “You were gone four days with Tate, and we managed just fine. You aren’t as indispensable as you think.”

At the sound of footsteps at the door, the conversation fell silent. Everyone turned to see a slender silhouette standing in the doorway. “Is this a private meeting?”

“No. Come on in,” Larry called out. “Is there something we can help you with?”

“Got any beer?” She settled on a stool in the corner while Jake opened the frig and passed her a bottle of Lone Star. Tate shrugged an inked shoulder, and the tattooed panther’s eyes peeked from under the wife-beater. “Better than nothing, I guess. You said something about Guadalupe Park.”

“Yeah. It’s where Amy and Claire have a family,” Larry chimed in. “We were headed that way when we ran across Jenkins and the busload of kids. They were in pretty bad shape when we got here, so we decided to stay a day or two. It got complicated, and we never moved on.”

“I guess so with the fuckin’ Pied Piper there.” Tate laughed when she saw Matt cringe. “Where ever he goes, he picked up strays. Haven’t you noticed?”

Jake chuckled. “Yeah. He has been doing that, lately.”

“I was heading to Pine Springs Canyon on the east side of the park. I have family there. He used to talk about some crazy shit back in the day, but no one ever believed him. I guess he knew more than anyone knew. He met some old man at the VA once. The man offered Randy a job. He’s been living out there for the past couple years. I’m hoping Randy made it into Houston to get my mom and sister. I think his name was Edwards, Edmond or something like that.”

“Edmonds? He’s the girl’s grandfather.”

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