Truth or Lies – Part 2

Posted: January 14, 2018 in 30 Truth or Lies - Part 2, Book 1 TERROR IN TEXAS

“I understand.” Elaine wiped at a tear sliding down the side of her face then answered, “We’re ready to go.” She struggled to her feet picking up the bag of supplies with Sandy following suit.

Brian led the women to one of the trucks and helped them inside with Paula at the wheel. He walked around the back of a second truck and pulled at the rope hanging on the roll bar and used it to bind Henry’s hands and feet. Billy, Leon, Juan, and Margo each got into the remaining vehicles, and they caravanned back to the gas station.

Once the women had settled inside the gift shop, Brian and Billy went back outside and pulled Henry across the bed of the truck. They slid him off the tailgate none too gently and deposited him on the ground.

“Alright, Henry Dodd, this is your chance to live. I want to know everything about the camp.” Brian leaned toward Henry menacingly.

Henry held up his tied hands in surrender. “You got it….”

Henry talked for nearly an hour before Brian finally spoke again. “You’re sure of the numbers?”

Henry nodded excitedly. “A man by the name of Grant was in charge until last week. He left with a group scavenging and just never came back. Most people figured he ran into the military or took on someone he couldn’t handle. Anyway, that’s when this bunch took over. You have to understand, not everyone in the camp is bad. Grant brought in a bunch of assholes right after the attack, and everyone is afraid to do or say anything. One of the men you killed was a decent man, too. He was just too scared to do anything about it just like me.”

“Decent?” Brian interrupted. “It’s so-called decent men standing by while others do harm that will be our downfall, not the damned dead!”

“I know. I’m ashamed of what I watched happen, but I had my family to think of.” Cringing, Henry pleaded. “You got a family? Wouldn’t you do whatever it took to protect your family?”

Brian turned away. He kicked at a cigarette butt on the concrete. Henry was right. If he were honest with himself, he would do whatever it took to protect his family. Finally, Brian spoke. “We’ll do more talking tomorrow.” Brian pulled Henry to his feet. “For now we’re going inside and get some rest. We’ll have a guard, and you’ll stay tied up for the rest of the night. Any trouble and you’re dead, no second chances.”

Henry gave a quick nod. “You won’t have any trouble with me.”

Brian led Henry inside the gift shop, and found a place for him to sleep away from the others but in plain sight. He secured Henry’s hands around the bench leg then turned to Billy. “Get some sleep I’ll keep an eye on our friend and wake Leon in a couple hours.”

Brian settled on the office chair he had used earlier and watched the night slip away. It was a quiet passing of time. Around three, his eyes grew heavy, and he woke Leon.

Leon started, looked around, then stood and stretched his arms wide, muscles bulging in the undersized, t-shirt. “I got it, boss. Anything I should watch for?”

“All’s quiet. Just keep an eye out and watch sleeping beauty over there.” Brian nodded toward Henry. “He hasn’t moved since I tucked him in.”

“He sounds like a freight train.” Leon laughed.

“Just make sure he stays where he is. I don’t want him moving around while most of us are asleep.”

“Got it,” Leon answered to Brian’s retreating back.

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