Torn Apart

Posted: April 9, 2015 in Book I Terror in Texas
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April 17,2015

This is how it all began….

By nine in the morning local news started reporting attacks on American soil by drones with biological agents.  They listed half a dozen states, each with multiple attacks.

Houston, Dallas and San Antonio military bases were each targeted.  The attacks were directed at military bases located in populated areas to increase losses.

The attack in San Antonio was timed to coincide with formations on the parade grounds.   The drones flew over military personnel dispersing the contagion.  Within minutes of exposure, soldiers were writhing on the ground in pain and spewing droplets of contagions with each wracking cough.  Death was not easy.

Brian Jameson a military police officer on base, called his wife, Liz, as he ran toward the parade grounds.  He wasn’t sure what was going on, but dead and dying soldiers were scattered across the grassy field.  He wasn’t sure if he’d ever see his family again, but he knew if she and his girls were with her father in West Texas they would be safe.

Emergency personnel arrived, loaded up the dead and dying and rushed them to hospitals all over the city.  The first of the dead began to rise within a few hours to attack medical staff.  Mass casualties were reported around the city within hours.

Della Marshall spent the afternoon focusing on ensuring Steve Benton return to running marathons.  They were both so focused on getting the fit of the prosthetic cuff connected to the fiberglass blades fit just right that they missed the talking heads announcing the attack.  Only when they noticed the unusual quiet in the building did either of them look up and see the scrolling warnings of the attack on the flat screen.

Matt Monroe had spent multiple tours in the middle-east and saw more than any one should have.  His squad tried to protect and help people but instead had to protect themselves from children carrying grenades, woman strapped with C-4, and allies trying to shoot them.  Since being home, he had been drinking to forget the frightened faces of those children.  The day of the attack was no different.

Tate Hamilton, a woman truck driver, wakes up in the cab of her truck in a parking lot full of the infected…

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